Your ACOS membership

Membership of the ACOS is reserved for Ophthalmological Centers equipped and organized to carry out a modern dry eye consultation.

The minimum requirements are:

– You need to be an ophthalmologist
– For diagnosis, a meibograph and an OCT are required for epithelial mapping.
– At least one modern treatment technology (LipiFlow, IPL, Resono, LLLT…) is required for treatment.
– Doctors and assistants take part in ACOS to perfect their approach

By becoming an ACOS member, you will benefit from a reduced rate for your ACOS participation. This rate applies to you and the center’s assistants.
The Centre that joins the ACOS will also be included in the list of members published on the ACOS website.

Annual membership is €196 incl. VAT.

Level Price  

€196.00 per Year. Customers in TVA will be charged 20% tax.