WIDES stands for World IPL & Dry Eye Summit

We are organizing this first edition of WIDES as part of the 3emes Rencontres de l’ACOS on October 14 in Paris.

IPL technology is playing an increasingly important role in the treatment of dry eyes.

IPL also has the advantage of being able to be combined with other therapeutic approaches: whether it’sMeibomian gland expression, LLLT or magnetic resonance treatment, the choice of combinations expands every year.

So it seemed logical to devote an afternoon to it.

First, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, you can attend 2 unique keynote lectures by Dr. Serge Mordon, French expert in light therapy, followed by Dr. Rolando Toyos, discoverer of the IPL effect on dry eyes, who will talk about his 25 years of experience.

These Keynote readings will be followed by a round-table discussion, moderated by Professor DighieroThe event will feature leading international experts: Dr Rolando Toyos from NYC, Dr Carlos Vergès from Barcelona, Dr Luca Vigo from Milan and Dr Serge Doan, who has conducted studies on IPL in ophthalmology.

In a second step, from 4.30 pm to 6 pmyou can take part in interactive workshops on IPL technologies Dr. Serge Doan will show us the special features of the new C-Stim, Dr. Rolando Toyos will present the Optilight and Dr. Carlos Verges will introduce the ThermaEye+ he developed in Barcelona.

You’ll be able to discuss any topic, ask any question about protocols, tips and best practices. Learn from the experts, live and small! This is the spirit of WIDES and ACOS.